D0204 – Dinauyan River Diversion Channel

The Dinauyan River Diversion Channel Construction project is located in Brgy. Didipio, Municipality of Kasibu, province of Nueva Viscaya and is under the strict management and supervision of OceanaGold Philippines Incorporated (OGPI).

The Project consists of constructing 714 m of river diversion channel including 465 m of 2 m ~ 8 m x 2 m, 1 unit of 81.82 m – 6.68 m x 4.1 m Twin Culvert, 1 unit of 70.5 m -6.68 m x 4.1 m Twin Culvert, 4 units of 20 m – Transition Channel and 16 m Outlet. The culvert will be backfilled after by selected granular fill and is scheduled to be finished in four months.

Client: OceanaGold Philippines Incorporated (OGPI).

Status: Completed