Mariveles Power Plant Project-Roads And Retaining Slope

The GN Power Mariveles Coal Power Project is a 600 MW station on the Bataan Peninsula, on the island of Luzon in the Philippines. The power plant is intended to cater to power needs of the island of
Luzon. The Mariveles Power Project is expected to have the lowest marginal operating cost of any coal project on the grid when completed. It will provide significant benefits to the local community by reducing electricity costs, as well as providing jobs and substantial economic stimulus.

The Mariveles Power Project consists of two identical 300 MW power blocks using proven Pulverized Coal Combustion technology. It will be designed to meet the more restrictive of Philippine and World Bank standards. The Mariveles Project will make available generating capacity and sell power to offtakers under long-term power purchase agreements, as well as a portion into the Philippine Wholesale Electricity Spot Market.

Client: GN Power / China Construction & Electric Equipment Phil. Corp.

Status: Completed